Video Games News Round-up: 21st of January 2017: Downtime

Hello, and welcome to today’s video games round-up where we settle down at roughly 9PM GMT and link out to the shifts in the industry that we’ve covered, and those that we haven’t.

It’s been a really busy one for us here on B3 this week.

Regular readers will notice that we’ve missed round-ups for the last few days, this is for several reasons, but the most important one is that we’ve scraped together some money to get VPS hosting for the website.

Due to the fact that the current hosting (just shared, managed hosting) manages some stuff for us that we’ve built around, and that we don’t really want, we’re going to be rebuilding the site on the other server before making the switch. What this means is that one day the site will suddenly be a faster and smoother ride, but that until then these round-ups will be a bit later in the day.

Oh, and we’ll be changing the round-up name to something a bit punnier, and shorter.

As such, today’s will cover any news we’ve collated since the 17th. So, buckle up.

Video Games News, From B3’s Mouth,

Review – Fate/Extella: The Umbral Star
Review – H.E.R.O Unit

Video Review – God Eater 2 Review – GameGazm TV
Review – Warhammer 40K; Sanctus Reach
First Impressions – Astroneer 

Video Review – Symphony

News – Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Mega Battle Launch Trailer Mighty Lands
News – Early Access Release Date Announced For Days of War
News – Atlas Reactor Now Free As Season 2 Launches
News – Sniper Elite 4 Gets Another Story Trailer, Meet Andreas Kessler
News – Ubisoft And FreeStyleGames Join Forces to Form, Ubisoft Leamington
News – Super Mario Run Releasing on Android In March
News – Fire Emblem Warriors Coming Fall 2017; Shadows of Valentia (3DS), Heroes (iOS/Android) Also On Way
News – New Poochy & Yoshi’s Woolly World Short Appears
News – Console Update For Ark: Survival Evolved Brings Five New Dinosaurs & New Locations.
News – Poochy & Yoshi’s Woolly World Demo Knits Its Way Into The Nintendo Store
News – HITMAN To Support HDR From 31st January
News – Stars in Shadow’s Launch Trailer Marks End of 4X Months of Deep Development for Deep 4X Game
News – Ubisoft Sneak Release Miniatures PVP Title; Might & Magic Showdown Into Early Access
News – Subterrain Out 24th Jan on PS4, 27th Jan on Xbox One; Launch Trailer Within
News – Newest Torment: Tides of Numenera Trailer Takes On Combat, Cyphers and Circustances
News – Werewolf: The Apocalypse Game Announced for PC, Consoles
News – Micro Machines World Series Announced, Arriving 21st April
News – 2Dark Releases Story Trailer, Shows Dark Tone of Game
News – Fate/EXTELLA: The Umbral Star Released Today For PS4 and PSVita

News – Fimbul’s Socials Tease Upcoming Comic Book Adventure Game, “Fimbul”
News – Noir Adventure Knee Deep Gets Launch Trailer Ahead of Console Release
News – Latest Wonder Boy: Dragon’s Trap Character Reveal is LionMan
News – Kickstarter Return for Legrand Legacy Brings New Demo, New Target, and is Already Over Half Funded
News – Northgard, from Evoland Developers, Gets Launch Date; Details
News – Thimbleweed Park: New Trailer Focuses on Ransome, The Cursed Clown.
News – Sundered, Metroidvania from Jotun Devs, Approaching 300% Funding on Kickstarter
News – Ghost Recon Wildlands: 20 Minutes of Gameplay Highlights Single Player Mechanics, Sync Shots
News – OAOA (On And Off Again): New Trailer For Greenlit Title, and Plans for the Year Ahead
News – New For Honor Trailer Highlights the 9 Classes, Builds up to Beta Date

And, here’s what we didn’t get the chance to cover, from the source.
  • Pavonis Interactive, the creators of the XCom: Enemy Unknown Long War mod, have now launched Long War 2 which adds in multiple new classes, a bunch of new missions, overhauls to the map screen, as well as increasing squad sizes and allowing multiple deployments.
  • Dad Quest updated their blog over on the Excalibur (their publisher) website detailing a new enemy type in the child-throwing generation game; Pigeons. (Blog)
  • A large update on Steam means that, among other changes, you can now repair steam library folders, and move games between directories from the client. Full details in the blog update.
  • Mohammad Alavi, a designer working at Respawn Entertainment, while speaking in a ‘Drunk Tech Review’ video (as reported by Gamerant) stated that Titanfall 2 was not a fit for the Nintendo Switch.
  • Speaking on Twitter, Job Stauffer of Telltale confirmed that episode 3 of The Walking Dead: A New Horizon would not be launching in January, with news to be expected next month.
  • Paradox Interactive will be taking two new developments to GDC in February, the first is the Xbox One version of Cities Skylines as well as a new expansion, the second is a brand new RTS from a third-party developer who has signed on with Paradox for the title.
  • The Division’s third expansion, Last Stand, received a major detailin’ over on the official blog; it adds a further competitive layer to the PVP Darkside by offering up timed sessions and win conditions. (Blog)
  • 21st Century Fox announced they were starting a new division called FoxNext which would focus on immersive entertainment including video games and VR. With Warner Brothers and Fox now in the industry, this could be a very interesting next few years for IPs. (Variety broke the story)
  • Playdead (Inside) announced a new title via a single image tweet. The image shows what looks like an astronaut climbing a snow-coated hill, parachute dragging behind, as what could be the flaming rubble of their ship pounds itself into the ground in the distance. (Twitter)
  • Badland 2 received a new set of bonus levels called ‘Warpzones’, there’s a total of ten of them added into the game which is available on iOS & Android. There were also 15 new online levels added. There’s a trailer showing some of it off over on the developer’s Youtube
  • Tekken 7 will be receiving its release date according to the official Twitter account for the title.
  • Compulsion Games have released a new trailer talking about the three plastyles that will be coming to We Happy Few. The current state of the game will become the ‘Downer’ mode, with a ‘Birdwatcher’ mode added in that will strip back the survival elements, and the ‘Vigilante’ mode added in for those that enjoy poking themselves in the eye with sliced lemons. (Trailer)
  • Focus Home Interactive and Cyanide Games released a new trailer for Call of Cthulhu, and it’s a spooky, Lovecraftian doozy. (Trailer)
  • Wizards of the Coast opened  up a new digital studio; the studio will include the current Magic Online team which will then be bolstered by ex Bioware, Valve, Cryptic and Turbine developers. (Gamasutra)
  • Mirage Studios is a new, Sweden based, studio opened by THQ Nordic. It’s currently a small four-person team who are working on a new IP which is said to be about production lines and factory work.
  • The Culling received a new expansion titled ‘The Big House’ which adds new weapons, outfits, and a whole bunch more, that along with a new map. Details are best explained in the trailer. (Trailer)
  • UnDungeon, which we’ve mentioned previously, took to Kickstarter where it is, at time of writing, over 80% funded. It’s a procedurally generated twist on roguelikes with a sci-fi setting and seven really unique characters (Kickstarter)
  • Several former Techland, Io Interactive, and CD Projeckt Red developers bundled together over in Wroclaw, Poland to form a new studio called Strange New Things. We’ve got no word on the first title, but the studio’s mission is to delve into subject matters that haven’t been breached in AAA games. (Website)
  • Enigami updated Facebook followers of the progress of their upcoming ARPG Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom. The title is nearing release now, with expected launch before end of Q1 2017. (Facebook)
  • Halo Wars 2’s beta is now live, for those of you who were interested, it went live on the 20th and runs through until the 30th of this month. 343 released a tutorial trailer, that you can see here, for the Blitz mode.
  • Yooka-Laylee had multiplayer modes revealed in a new trailer. The game will launch with 8 multiplayer games, which can be played with up to four players. (Trailer)
  • Conan Exiles got a new trailer showing off some of the massive creatures you’ll be fighting in the title, and controlling, in the upcoming building, pvp, crafting, crazy title. (Trailer)
  • Bandai Namco put out a new trailer for the upcoming Digimon World Next Order which is launching on the PS4 on the 27th of Jan. It’s pretty full on, with a lot of time spent on combat, but that’s okaymon. (Trailer)
  • The Sexy Brutale from Cavalier and Tequila Works, had it’s release date confirmed with a new trailer. The game sees you stuck in a timeloop until you solve the mystery of who is offing all the toffs. (Trailer)
  • Finally, we got another peek at UAYEB in action; the free-roaming, sci-fi survival game still looks great – although we are still seeing gameplay heavily centered around the vehicular exploration, although that’s not a bad thing. (Trailer)

We run these round-ups from Monday to Saturday, so make sure to check back tomorrow.

If you think we missed something then why not drop it into the comments below? We’ll jump right on getting it fixed.

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