Northgard, from Evoland Developers, Gets Launch Date; Details

Shiro Games, best known for their Evoland series, have confirmed that their next project, Northgard -a strategy title with a Norse setting- will be launching onto Steam Early Access next month. On February 22nd.

Northgard, which looks like a solid entry into the colony management sim, definitely making me think of games like Settlers 3, Valhalla Hills, and Banished when I saw the alpha gameplay from last year’s Gamescom (which you can find below).

The game sees you control a small group of Northmen as they settle a new land, one teaming with dangers as well as other factions. In addition to the expected town building you’ll be able to send your warriors off on raids to foreign lands as to raise resources, as well as be able to ally yourself with the giants that wander the lands, or extinguish them.

Gamescom 2016 footage

As you can see from the video above, the game already looked fully functional and feature complete during it’s showing last August. Despite this, the developers have got a plethora of features planned for implementation including new clans, a story-driven campaign mode, multiplayer, and more creatures which can double as allies or enemies.

There’s more details over on the Steam page for the title, which you can reach through clicking the below.

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