Top 12 Best Indie RPGs on PC

The Indie RPG genre is booming. More and more developers are seeking to rekindle the games of their youth and either replicate or build-upon the experiences that they had in their own early years.

Video games and how we talk about them is always changing, but one genre which has remained relatively consistent in how we discuss them is the humble RPG. While, in the early 90s, an RPG was a game where players specifically took on the role of, and development of, a hero, over time the levelling and experience-based systems have spread further into other genres. Theoretically, the Zelda games shifted from puzzle-solving and exploration-focused adventure genre into the RPG one early in their life — and that causes a little confusion.

But, when we talk about RPGs now we tend to be discussing games where the main character can level-up and improve as the game continues, or where enemies receive numerals of damage, each worked out by math which churns away in the background.

Over the next collection of pages we are going to list off our favourite Indie RPGs on PC — a very tricky job, considering how loose-fitting the genre is. If you think we’ve missed something off then leave a comment and we’ll make sure to revisit.

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