Disco Elysium

Disco Elysium is a masterclass in game’s writing, and it has the awards to play it. I don’t think the writing in the game can be put any better than our own JD Saltz wrote in his review:

“Want to play a tireless revolutionary who drags communism and labor into every conversation? You can. Prefer to role-play a sexist pig, the kind of guy who probably ends every conversation with a female with the words “baby,” or “doll?” Okay. That is an option. Feeling more like a capitalist who wants to preach the gospel of the free market, or perhaps a supernatural detective attuned to the call of a world beyond our own? You can do all of this. Disco Elysium is committed to allowing the player wide and startling freedom.”

While it certainly might not toe the classic, combat-centric RPG line, the statistic based combat resolution is delivered to a quality previously unseen in the genre. It is like somebody write a linear game and then let a dozen people build off of each point until it became a sweeping, branching story.

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