Still plodding along in Early Access at the time of writing, Ballistic Interactive’s HellSign originally released in 2018. It fuses together an isometric viewpoint — which is incredibly common in aRPGs — with a slow investigative playstyle.

In HellSign you take on the role of, essentially, a supernatural verminator. Each job you take on has you collating clues and information to try and figure out which horror you are going to be facing off against before you face off against it.

There’s heavy RPG item-management as well as a whole plethora of tools at your disposal to help investigate the scene. The fact that you can go from shining a blacklight on tracks one minute to blasting your shotgun at shadows in the next is utterly unprecedented.

Our reviewer Rob dived into HellSign back when it first launched into Early Access and wrote: “Silent Hill meets Monster Hunter? I don’t think there’s anything I don’t like about that combination.”

Definitely the most supernatural entry in our list of the top indie RPGs on PC — but well deserving of its place.

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