P For Pizza is a quick and easy word game

Food games, food games, we are back to playing food games! This is so much fun! P For Pizza is a game that looks like a slice of pizza but also has nothing to do with pizza as a concept. It’s literally just the theme of the game, but that isn’t a bad thing.

P For Pizza is a two to four player game that’s quite quick, coming in at less than half an hour, for ages eight and up. It’s pretty simple in concept. There is a pile of triangle cards which have two sides — one with categories and the other with letters. These categories and letters are on each of the three sides. You will have the category side of the cards up in the pile, with the letter sides connected to the categories.

P for Pizza

When a category side is revealed, you will need to find words starting with the letters connected to the categories that fit in with each other. If you are the first to get a word that fits, you get that card and get to pick the next letter that connects from the next card. That might sound confusing, but I promise it’s not. This is a game you can literally understand after a single round.

The challenge in the game is with these categories. At first, you can use all of the categories, but after you have collected five cards, you can only say words from the yellow and red categories. When you need just one card left to win, you will have to use the red category only. Your cards that you are gathering will be formed to make a pyramid — a slice of pizza — as you play. It’s a game all about quick thinking, connecting words and categories faster than all your friends. 

A really simple game, it’s the fact that it is quick and easy to play which makes it appealing. P For Pizza is a game you’d pull out when you have friends over and a free half an hour to fill. It’s a quick start while you are waiting for other people to get ready to play with you or before a major gaming session. I quite enjoy party games and have been finding these games that have a more educational side are great for children as well, as they don’t even know they are learning or challenging their brains. 

P For Pizza has seen more gameplay than just our tabletop group, as it’s so easy to pull out and quick to set up — not to mention fun to play.

You can purchase P For Pizza on Amazon.

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