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Welcome to Big Boss Battle, or if you’d rather, B3.

B3 was launched back in May 2016 with the plan of building a place where games of all shapes and sizes could be celebrated. With over a decade of writing about games between the founders, and each in possession of a lifetime of gaming, they were confident they could achieve this goal. Soon others flocked to the banners.

Our goal is to cover a wide range of games, from big to small; our articles delivering both feedback and respect for the development process. We believe in being fair and respectful in our articles and we always aim to focus on the mechanics and ideas behind the game as much as the more visual and audible components.

We’re also dedicated to creating a place where we can train up and mentor those who would otherwise not be confident enough to start a career in the industry. Maybe you could join us on this journey.

We hope you enjoy your time at B3 — if you like talking about games then we’d love to get to know you.

Our Contributors


Shaun Wall

An aspiring game developer who spends more on his Steam library than monthly food budget, and attempts to put strings of words together into articles and stories.

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RemovableSanity is B3's head of video, as well as one of the sites owners. He focuses on bringing his extensive gaming history and experiences (he's old) to inform and educate on new and upcoming games. You can find RemoveableSanity on the…

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Dann Sullivan

Dann’s earliest memory is playing Adventure on the Atari 2600, since then he’s loved games of all sorts and shapes. After a long career selling games he co-founded B3 in 2016 looking to create a place for people who want somewhere to talk…

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Being older, I started with board games. Those led to early Amiga, Mac, and Win 3.1 gaming. I've been hooked on computer gaming since there's been computer gaming. I prefer strategy (4X, war, and space) and also enjoy survival games, but I…

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Katherine Ward

Katherine works with a strange combination of literature and software, so it makes sense that she goes crazy for games with good narrative design in her spare time. Among her favourite games are The Last of Us (the only console game she's…

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Matthew Smail

Matt is B3's resident Head of Board Games. As a life-long fan of all things gaming he'll also occasionally be found covering video games with the team, or bringing a nice mix of topics to the podcast.

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Toby Roundhill

Toby first discovered video games when his father bought him Civilisation 4. Ever since then he has had an affinity for strategy games and anything that involves space. He describes himself as a nerd, writer and a millennial. He would like…

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Jorge Sobrino

Gamer, Writer, Dungeon Master, Geek, Lover of film and art.

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Terry Jeffryes

A grumpy old git with a taste for all things retro, and will be behind Nintendo till the day he dies. 5% Human, 95% Hair, all Gamer.

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Taxowlbear's forte is real-time strategy, but his love for games extends to other genres as well. When he's not playing games, he hikes, makes pancakes, or tries to save the world.

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Steven "Vashaa" Brench

Vashaa started gaming when his father introduced him to Age of Empires and he has been loving all games ever since, he specialises in RTS and FPS titles but will love pretty much anything.

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Rob Covell

Rob is a teacher, a father, a husband and a gamer. He's been the latter for longer than the former 3 combined. Rob has been writing about games and the culture around them for only around 6 months, but has more than enough experience…

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Maggie Wall

Likes to read, write, game, watch films and eat. Sometimes all at the same time.

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Jupiter Hadley

Jupiter Hadley is a indie game enthusiast who specializes in Game Jams. She records thousands of games a year on her YouTube channel and writes for various websites online. If you wish to contact Jupiter, you can find her on twitter…

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Jack Young
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Derek Miller

"Experienced" gamer who's only looking for some fun. Likes: Just about everything. Dislikes: Anything Zombie related. Swipe right, you know you want to.

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Daniel O'Reilly
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Brian Gillett-Smith

Brian has been playing games for the last 25 years - yes, he's that old. When he's not gaming, Brian cycles, works, drinks coffee and sleeps... well, maybe not so much of that last one...

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Also Featuring...

In addition to the above B3 features the work of fine people such as Steven ‘Vashaa’ Brench, Josh Robertson (Flash Reviews), James White, Joshua Smith (Old Man Mordaith)Player_Uno, and many others.


Geoff Bridges (2016)
Marc Hemming (2016)
Alex Bithray (2016)
Ingo Lyle-Goodwin (2016)
Ben Bayliss (Launch – 2017)
Craig Fordham (2016 – 2017)
Omar Bousfanj (2017)
Kate England-Moore (2016 – 2017)
Larissa Duncan (2017)