Cat Quest II

Back when the first Cat Quest game released in 2017 it melted hearts with its cute, colourful world. For me though, it was something different. I remember spotting it while it passed through Steam Greenlight, I wrote that I was most impressed with how The Gentlebros handled the game’s overworld.

For me, some of the most memorable RPGs have had large world-maps which span many screens. Cat Quest, and its sequel, both scale the world at multiple times, but you still fight enemies at each level at exactly the same scale. In many ways that could be a shortcut to avoid dragging you into a new environment for a fight, but really it just pulls the whole aesthetic together.

Our reviewer, Alex, wrote that Cat Quest II was “Great for players of all ages and a welcome change from over complicated, ultra difficult, gore soaked realism, instead offering a charming, well illustrated and relaxing jaunt through a story laced with canine and feline based puns and wordplay.” in his review.

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