NieR: Automata New Gameplay Footage Introduces New Areas, Also Fishing

Square Enix have dropped a new video for NieR: Automata showing some new areas that are playable within the game, not only that but another video shows fishing, and some wonderful looking environments..

Sony Interactive Entertainment hosted an event, the Taipei Game Show in Taiwan, Yosuke Saito the producer behind NeiR: Automata revealed some new footage for the title, showing off some new locations, a ruined Amusement park, a ruined department store, and a radio tower enabling us to see the ruined city below.

The amusement park location shows the eerie feeling of a derelict amusement park that used to be an entertaining escape for the humans, totally devoid of human life, but still operational. Fireworks explode when the location is introduced.

The ruined department store has become a barren area, it has succumbed to nature, and foliage scales the walls. The area looks like a jungle of sorts now.

In addition to these locations, we also see what looks like a safe method of transport being used, the sewers. Dark, android corpse ruins that lie under the city.

That video ends atop the radio tower, but another video shows us more gameplay. We get to see fishing taking place, in which the character finds some water and lob the pod into it, this will wiggle about when it is being nibbled, then when fully submerged, you call the pod back. I felt like I was watching a HD, realistic version of Animal Crossing for that part.

We also get to see YoRHa 2B scaling a building via overgrown trees, and well…really the rest of the video introduces you to the stunning world surrounding you, as well as showing the third person controls in action.

We were able to see gameplay footage last month, showing the combat system in action, as well as looking at the collaboration weapons. We also got to see the trailer for the collaboration weapons, which looked awesome. There was also the PS4 demo that came out allowing players to try it. Also, those of you with a PS4 and thinking about moving over to PS4 Pro, there was the comparison video that was released VIA a stream.

Japan will get the full game on February 23rd 2017, America will get it on March 7th, and Europe will have it on March 10th. Those dates are for PS4 releases. There is a PC game in the works, but there has been no date confirmed for that yet.

Source: Giuseppe’s Gaming Channel

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