Mantis Burn Racing Gets First Two DLC Packs

Mantis Burn Racing, a top-down racing title has, as of the 29th March, received its first two DLC packs.

VooFoo Studios announced that Mantis Burn Racing, the fast-paced top-down racing title has now got access to the two DLC packs that can now be purchased for the base game.

“Elite Class” is the DLC pack that brings three Elite Hover vehicles, and due to them hovering above the ground, they are affected less by the terrain, however I would imagine they glide over the terrain instead which would lead to overly smooth turns, bringing a different feel to driving. For £1.99 the Elite Class can be downloaded. The trailer for it is right below, but don’t think that’s all, there’s more news below the trailer!

“Snowbound Pack” is another addition to the title available that brings four snow themed tracks to the title. With this new terrain style, players will be slipping and sliding all over the place, with corners needing to be taken with care, and bumps causing players to spin into a spin. There is also an extension to the Veteran Class Career mode that will see Season Two and Three be added with a total of thirty-four extra events to be completed. This content pack also gets a trailer which can be found below and is a free download.

Both of these updates are available for download on Xbox One, PS4, and PC, as well as the patch that brings new features to the title. Time Out is a brand new event that players are able to participate in where they will be attempting to last player still driving in a race against the clock as they pass through obstacles. If they hit any walls or other drivers, a time penalty is given.

There is also a new, “Upgrade Tuning” feature which focuses on players saying they found that they eventually ended up with nothing to spend their in-game money on, this new feature addresses this by allowing players to upgrade their upgrade slots to X multiplier upgrades, meaning, the more the player upgrades the more expensive it becomes.

Other patch updates brings things such as improved spectator mode, game settings from the lobby, and more. You can see the full list of the patch updates here.

Our Xbox One reviewer gave Mantis Burn Racing a piece of his mind in the below review.


Source: Press Release

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