Crash Force On Early Access, Latest Patch Brings Bug Fixes

Crash Force is a bunch of things, it’s an online multiplayer, arena shooter, with RPG elements and also racing elements, and it has been on Early Access since arriving on Steam in January of this year.

In  Ascanio Entertainment’s title, players control a…no wait, let me read the notes again….players are the hovercraft and are tasked with taking town their opponents who are also living beings in the form of a hovercraft. The players can choose from families of hovercrafts, and with each family there are three sizes to choose from, and each hovercraft are equipped with two weapons. One weapon is a fast, quick firing, but low damage weapon, whereas the secondary weapon deals more damage at the cost of fire rate being slow.

The hovercrafts come with abilities and a skill tree system, and the matches are focused on a Kill/Death ratio win. Recently, as of the 17th of March the title got a new patch that made some improvements such as servers rotating between the three available maps and other server improvements, as well as bug fixes to improve the performance of the game,along with some UI enhancements. You can view the full changelog here

Crash Force is available on PC and is planned to be in Early Access for five to six months, so really, since the game released in January, I’d expect to see it around July, August time coming out of Early Access.

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