Guns of Icarus: Alliance Launches With 10% Discount Until the 7th April

Guns of Icarus: Alliance, a title that is no stranger to us here at Big Boss Battle, has finally launched today.

During EGX Rezzed, Muse Games brought out cake and celebrated the launch of Guns of Icarus: Alliance, and with the launch, the title is on offer on Steam with 10% off the full price until the 7th of April. There is also a 10% offer on the Collectors Edition Bundle that features the base game, the soundtrack, and a costume pack. Talking of offers too, players that own Guns of Icarus Online can get Guns of Icarus: Alliance at a 25% discount.

The title comes with five game modes that can be played across the seven maps, with fourteen different enemies available to work against you and your crew. There are factions available, and these factions are in an ongoing war between one another, and there are new ships and new guns available to choose from. There is also a new system in place that allows players to unlock and equip “Specials” which are essentially perks. More of these can be unlocked the further a player progresses and can offer speed advantages, damage increase, etc.

On top of all of the above, there are also some updates to the previous builds before release that have fixed quite a fair amount of issues. You can view all of the details by going over to their main blog post.

There also appears to have been some confusion from what I can tell in the comments of the official pages, but Guns of Icarus: Alliance isn’t a DLC to Guns of Icarus Online, it is a standalone title and is also running on a new engine.

We ran first impressions video on the title last year with footage being captured earlier in the year during a press session. A bit later on last year we also got invited to another press sesh and I ran a preview piece with Dann running an Interview with Muse Games’ Matthew Hartman. You can watch and listen to that below.

I plan to revisit the title at some point next month (April) and see how things have changed from the previous versions I’ve played.



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