All Walls Must Fall Successfully Funded, Stretch Goals Announced

All Walls Must Fall, a tech-noir title that plays around with time travel during an alternative future where the Cold War never ended, has reached its Kickstarter goal, and continued going.

I covered All Walls Must Fall in a BOOT piece, and since that, the title has become successfully funded, with the €15,000 goal hitting over that with €19,500+ at current. As a result, inbetweengames have announced their stretch goals for the title. The first stretch goal isn’t far away, with the target being €20,000 and will bring a cover system to the game, an additional music track, a fancy ass “Sledgehammer Punch” and 10,000+ destructible objects.

The other target sits at €75,000 and will bring West Berlin, and Alev to the Closed Alpha that is available only to Kickstarter backers in May. Those are the only goals listed, but more are to come as the funding increases.

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