Genesis Alpha One, Find Humanity a New Home

Genesis Alpha One, a game that tasks you to find a home for humanity is arriving for PC, PS4, and Xbox One. Here’s the reveal trailer.

Genesis Alpha One by Radiation Blue is the upcoming title to come from publisher Team 17, and sends players to space looking for a new home for humanity, but first you must build your ship, create a crew, and then you get venturing.

The game is a FPS title with rougelike elements dotted around, it’s also a base building survival where you’re the Captain, and must protect your crew against alien infestations. When you’re building your ship, you must first gather the supplies and resources. Once gathered you and build workshops, clone labs, greenhouses, hangars and more. Basically you customise your ship to how you want to play.

The universe is procedurally generated, and will face you against asteroid belts, sun storms, and much more. Gather supplies from derelict, destroyed ships floating in space, and land on planets and harvest resources and ore. But each new planet you visit could lead to battles against the local alien lifeforms. Infestations are dangerous and can spread through your ship and crew. You’ll need quick skills to wipe them out at the source before your ship is destroyed.

At least your ship comes loaded with weapons and special defences though which can help. Engage your turrets, force fields, and grab your assault rifles, shotguns, rocket launchers and more as you destroy every last one of the aliens.

There’s a cloning system where you can literally clone your crew to increase your crew size by gathering alien DNA and splicing it with human DNA. What could go wrong there? You’ll also take part alongside a deep lore of the universe, with a narrative story to follow where you uncover secrets and learn about the Genesis Program, and you’ll also witness time change as each light speed jump will fast forward time on Earth by several years, allowing you to see all manners of society changing before your eyes.

Your choices determine how humanity ends up. Genesis Alpha One will arrive on PC, PS4, and Xbox One, no launch date have been announced yet.

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