Classic FPS Inspired Title Gorescript Launches on Steam

Gorescript has launched on Steam, an inspired title that brings a handful of weapons, a bunch of maps, and frantic gameplay. Perhaps some anti gravity boots too.

Inspired by FPS classics of old, the original Amused Sloth game, Gorescript came about in 2014 when Sergiu Bucur challenged himself to build a classic style FPS title using Javascript/WebGL. Then last year Bucur created a custom game engine to recreate Gorescript as a full title. And the result is available on Steam now.

Featuring fast-paced gameplay similar to classic classic FPS games like DOOM, and various difficulty levels, Gorescript comes with eighteen hand crafted levels to rush around with five difficulty levels being available, with Permadeath and Blackout modes.

Six weapons are available currently, with one of those being a melee weapon. Secrets are available to gather, and while they aren’t optional, they are required to upgrade your armoury. Various consumables are available around the levels, and Anti-Grav Boots are available when found, and allow you to jump, but you don’t need them as levels can be completed without jumps. Also, global leader boards have been implemented into the game allowing you to have a target to reach, to become the best!

Gorescript is now available on Steam for PC and is a single player experience. You can try Gorescript out for free here.

Source: Press Release

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