Kickstarter: Less Than 48 Hours to Back Shadow’s Kiss

The Kickstarter campaign for supernatural-themed MMO, Shadow’s Kiss, will finish at 8:01AM GMT on Tuesday the 5th of December.

The Shadow’s Kiss Kickstarter currently sits at just over $70,000 from 715 backers — 250% higher than its original goal of $25,000. Clockwork Throne Inc. is now hoping to achieve its stretch funding goals in these last few days.

Shadow’s Kiss is a brand new MMO, set in the fictional world of San Cipriano. Players create a vampire and set their appearance, gender and sexual orientation. Shadow’s Kiss has a classless system, giving players huge flexibility over their characters and hundreds of possible options. Combat is turn-based, and vampires must feed on mortals each day throughout the game. There are also vampire slayer NPCs who players must also avoid (or kill, before they are killed!).

The stretch goals added so far are crafting systems, a ritual magic system, a new Shadowfiend power “Tenebrus Tentacles”, a companion Guido “The Wolf” to help with missions, and more. Still to be unlocked are improved art and animations and the addition of other supernatural creatures (werewolves, adepts and zombie slayers called “revenants”). Reaching 750 backers will also unlock Kickstarter-exclusive founder attire.

“We’re honored and a bit overwhelmed by the support from the community,” said Thomas Sitch, President of Clockwork Throne. “This Kickstarter is going to allow us to finally bring the world a vampire-themed MMO, with gothic story elements, horror, and the ‘coolness factor’ of being a vampire set on ruling the night.”

The developers at Clockwork Throne Inc. are so dedicated to ensuring the game’s authenticity that they are the first game studio to get members of the team killed researching their subject matter: the remaining team members have created a Mockumentary which documents this unfortunate adventure. In the video, the team visit some vampire clubs and meet King Logan.

Visit the Shadow’s Kiss Kickstarter campaign page to find out more and back the project, or visit the Shadow’s Kiss website for full details of the backstory, game story and tutorials. The full game launch is anticipated in December 2018.

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