Kickstarter: Supernatural MMO Shadow’s Kiss Seeking Crowdfunding

Clockwork Throne Studios has launched a Kickstarter campaign for a vampire and supernatural-themed MMO, Shadow’s Kiss.

Independent developer Clockwork Throne Studios has been working on this new gothic MMO for the last two years. Now, to finish the game and add its finishing touches, the studio is turning to crowdfunding through Kickstarter.

Shadow’s Kiss is set in the fictional world of San Cipriano, with players creating a vampire or other supernatural being for their character — stretch goals include Adepts (magic-wielders), Loupgarou (werewolves) and Revenants (undead). Players set their character’s appearance, gender and sexual orientation as well as their motivation, and can also set a different appearance when they are transformed (if applicable).

Rather than choosing different races or ethnic groups, players are promoted through different ranks of vampire with slightly different powers — including the Lovecraftian Tenebrous Vampire and the zombie-commanding Verdilak.

Shadow’s Kiss has a classless system — players can develop any combination of skills. There are combat power trees to improve and learn new skills and powers, such as preterspeed to run at supernatural speed, that are all managed through a combo system to increase the power’s effectiveness.

Kickstarter: Supernatural MMO Shadow's Kiss Seeking Crowdfunding

Vampires must also feed on mortals each day throughout the game and avoid vampire slayers (NPCs) who seek to kill them. Combat is turn-based, giving players time to strategise and plan their next move — an exciting and intriguing twist compared to other MMOs.

Their current goal of $25,000 has been met, as well as two stretch goals adding crafting and Ritual Magic systems. New stretch goals include adding the Adepts, Loupgarou and Revenants, Game Master narrations and music, new locations, social zones and storylines.

Shadow’s Kiss has currently met their $40,000 stretch goal, with the Kickstarter campaign ending in one month’s time on the 5th of December 2017. Its full release is anticipated in December 2018. Visit their Kickstarter campaign page to find out more and back the project, or visit the Shadow’s Kiss website for full details of the backstory, game story and tutorials.

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