Kickstarter: The Good Life Seeking Crowdfunding

White Owls Inc and G-Rounding Inc have teamed up to launch a Kickstarter campaign for a debt repayment and mystery RPG, The Good Life.

The Good Life has been created by Swery, Director of White Owls Inc, who has partnered with G-Rounding Inc to create a game that offers something completely new and different. They are now turning to Kickstarter to gain support of the game and Swery’s vision, as well as raise funding to create the rest of the game.

Swery has also just released a free demo for the game on the Kickstarter campaign page – visit the campaign to download it and give it a try for free!

While it is described on the Kickstarter campaign as a ‘debt repayment daily life RPG’, this doesn’t seem to do this game justice! The Good Life is set in a small British town called Rainy Woods, apparently ‘the happiest town in the world’. You play as Naomi, a New York journalist who has moved to England to save money and pay off her huge debt. To make money and pay off her debt, she works as a journalist, taking photographs of goings-on in the town and reporting on them. You can either sell your photos to the local newspaper, Morningvale, or use the in-game SNS photo app, Flamingo.

The Good Life screenshots of the monthly change into cats and dogs

This is where the game stands out. There has been a murder in the town which Naomi needs to solve. Meanwhile, the town has been cursed, and all residents turn in to either a cat or a dog once a month at night – including your character. This opens up new avenues to explore, with cats and dogs able to reach new areas such as roofs or swim in local rivers and lakes. As a cat or a dog, you’re also able to take unique photographs, too.

If that wasn’t enough, The Good Life promises lots to see and do. Every interaction with the locals can have an impact on the rest of your game – how you speak to them and make friends will change their decisions and actions, so every play-through will be different! The developers also promise alternating seasons, with special photos that can only be taken at certain times. The developers are also considering including some events such as Halloween and Valentine’s Day, which will add further opportunities for great photos.

To earn some extra money, you can take up a part-time job. These vary from shearing sheep, delivering milk, making honey and jam, doing gardening, working in the local pub – or even mine cryptocurrency! With the more money you earn, the more things your character can experience. Experiences include Afternoon Tea, buying antique furniture and buying expensive clothes. You also need to invest in your photographic equipment to be able to take better photographs – and thus earn more from your photography.

The Good Life Kickstarter tiers offer a range of physical and digital rewards to suit all budgets. 3,000 Yen (approximately £20) gives a digital copy of the game, four wallpapers, an alternative outfit for Naomi and a name in the credits while the remaining available top tier includes dinner with a visit to the White Owls Inc studio and dinner with Swery in Osaka, Japan!

Currently, The Good Life has reached about half of its funding goal (approximately £236,841 of the £446,116 goal) and ends in nine days on Saturday the 5th of May 2018 at 1AM BST. Visit their Kickstarter campaign page to download the free demo and back the project.

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