Watch: Raiders of the Broken Planet Dev Diary Details Antagonist, Character Selection

MercurySteam have released their third developer diary for their upcoming ‘hero brawler’, Raiders of the Broken Planet.

In the third look at Raiders of the Broken Planet two developers from MercurySteam (Also working on Metroid: Samus Returns) discuss some of the game’s characters, a little bit about the setting, and a fair bit about the game’s USP: the Antagonist system.

Unfamilliar with the game? Read our synopsis of the setting from earlier in the year, here.

The Antagonist system sees one human player join the opposing faction where they actively work against the other four human players. This adds several new challenges to the traditional player-versus-environment mix as even though the antagonist is outnumbered, swarms of enemies and large maps could effectively hold the four players in place long enough to allow a sniper character to get a solid burst of shots off. Each of the heroes

Hopefully we’ll see some gameplay over the coming weeks.

You can find the new developer diary below, or you can sign up for the closed beta over at

Raiders of the Broken Planet is currently in closed beta on PC. When finished it will launch on Xbox One, PC & PS4.

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