Watch: Hey! Pikmin Lift-Off Trailer Details Game Mechanics Ahead of Launch

Hey! Pikmin has received a new trailer detailing the game’s core mechanics as well as the amiibo that comes with it.

Nintendo 3DS title Hey! Pikmin, which launches on July 28th, is a side-on platformer entry in the previously home-console exclusive series. Players control Olimar as he tries to collect Sparklium, a mysterious resource found in human belongings and strange acorn-like nuts.

With the change in perspective, the way that players gain more Pikmin has also changed; Olimar now simply summons them from the surrounding area; bushes, pipes, and flowers. The various types of Pikmin all still fulfil their normal duty, Red being flame proof, yellow being lighter, blue being able to swim, et cetera. However the 2.5D viewpoint of the game certainly gives less in the way of evading and manoeuvring around enemies.

A Pikmin amiibo is also included with the game which can send you bonus helpers in times of need, among other things which are discussed in the new trailer.

You can find the new trailer below,

Hey! Pikmin releases on Nintendo 3DS on the 13th of July in Japan, the 28th of July in North America, and the 29th of July in Europe.

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