Four Realms Adds Four new Wardens in Free Update

Chicken, Chameleon, Meerkat, and Dusky Farmerfish added to Strategy, RPG Platformer.

Four Realms’ Developer, Delvin Mason AKA Hugebot!, has recently (okay, some time back) released a new update for the title, one which adds in four new Wardens.

Four Realms, for those of you unaware, is a charming title which sees you partaking in indepth platforming missions as you attempt to bring peace to the various elemental, animal kingdoms in an order of your choice. Rather than traditional attacking and blocking each of the playable characters can also learn magic spells which can vastly vary the game from play to play – laying siege to a castle is easy if you can plant a beanstalk and scale the walls without taking the gates, and of course appropriate magic makes light work of your enemies. Most important to note however is the summoning ability, players can summon minions to their side which can do the majority of the legwork for them, even taking control of them if needed.

The four new wardens are a varied bunch: The Air Warden, Chicken, can double jump but starts out cursed; The Earth Warden, Meerkat, can summon for less, but can’t actually melee attack; The Water Warden, Dusky Farmerfish, can change the weather and breath underwater. Finally, the Chameleon can go invisible, and see those which are meant to be invisible, making it a solid choice for beginners… until they reach the fire realm where invisibility doesn’t work.

You can read more information on the developer’s recent blog post, including a list of bug fixes, here.

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