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New Developer Diary Looks at Background Story For Raiders of the Broken Planet

Developer MercurySteam have released their second Developer Diary for their title, Raiders of the Broken Planet. This video looks at the background Story in more detail.

Raiders of the Broken Planet is a multi-player experience in which four players work together to help bring peace back to the broken planet, and one additional player on the opposing side, alone against these four players with their own army.

In the developer diary, the team talk about how there’s a derelict space ship that is stranded on one of the moons of Saturn from millions of years ago. The Raiders from Earth travel there and come across “Aleph”, a power source that holds the future to interstellar travel. Rich and greedy corporations want this, and send a paramilitary faction to retrieve it. An accident befalls this faction, leaving the Aleph being the only way to get back home. Trouble is, they’re faced against an antagonist and their army. The developer diary looks closer at the antagonists role in the game and how they add to the adventure aspect to the game.

Harec is described part of a peaceful clan until the humans arrived, leaving him for dead. The power from a temple regenerated him with a new found inner strength and a desire to avenge his clan. There’s actually a comic book you can read on that!

The game has four groups looking to harness the power of the Aleph, and those are, The Locals, The Hades Division, The Fifth Council, and the Umbra Wardogs.

Players can customise their characters by using special cards, and take to the battleground in a third-person shooter game. You can watch the developer diary below, the title will be arriving for PC, Xbox One, and PS4 and is currently allowing sign ups for a closed beta build.

Source: Press Release

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