Legendary and Universal Join Forces With River Horse Games For Pacific Rim Board Game

The film companies, Legendary Pictures, and Universal Pictures have teamed up with River Horse Games to bring a board game adaption of the Pacific Rim films.

As announced on License Global, the two film companies have team up with a wide collection of companies to bring various merchandise and memorabilia, with Bandai  being on board to create die-cast and resin robot action figure sets, figurines, and plastic model kits. Diamond Select Toys and Collectibles are also going to be bringing various branded products, and Trends International will bring posters and calendars. There are more companies signed on, but you can just go to the source for those. The one I’m focusing on is the River Horse Games sign up.

Well known for their board game spin-offs such as Labyrinth, The Hunger Games, and more, River Horse Games are going to be bringing “a line” of collectable board games and role-playing games. These board games have a focus on the Jaeger vs. Kaiju relationship, but as of yet, no details have been given on mechanics and such.

Pacific Rim, a film about a war between mankind and huge sea monsters called, Kaiju’s. To battle these creatures the humans created huge robots called, Jaeger’s. The film is getting a sequel due to launch in February 2018 and titled, Pacific Rim Uprising.


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