New Expansion Coming For Kerbal Space Program Brings More Parts, Scoring, and History

Kerbal Space Program is to be receiving a new expansion which brings various features to the spaceship builder.

Squad, the team behind the Kerbal Space Program title are bringing a new expansion to the game in an announcement on the forum. The announcement names the expansion as, “Making History” and is to bring various content to the base game, as well as a mission builder and a History Pack.

The mission builder will be allowing players to create missions themselves, planning out tasks and difficulties. The mission builder will also be allowing players to share their missions with the community once they have been created.

The History Pack will bring pre-made missions to the game and will be based on real life historical missions from our own moments in history. The pack will also include a new astronaut spacesuit for wearing, a new parachute that will allow your astronauts a safe passage back to Earth is disaster strikes, and on top of that,there are various new parts such as new fuel tanks, adapters, decouplers, fairings and command pods. The pack is highly customisable and modifiable, so modders can fiddle around.

There is going to be a scoring system introduced too that will allow players to be scored at the end of a match, and have their scores shareable amongst their friends.

The expansion will be a paid expansion, and will be priced and dated in the near future.


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