Goat Simulators Waste of Space DLC Rams Onto PS4

The Goat Simulator Waste of Space DLC has finally arrived on PS4

The DLC, Waste of Space is now available on PS4 and allows goats to travel to space to help rebuild the colony and as always in Goat Simulator, cause havoc.

In this DLC, you’ll get to visit the Commando deck, give speed bike racing a try, visit a museum and destroy it, fly a ship and take down space pirates as well as aliens, and have fun in the test labs. It’s content loaded and brings a load of fun to the base game. Players will be able to visit a nearby planet and explore it as well as having fun up in orbit within the biggest map Goat Simulator have released yet.

The DLC has been out on Windows, Mac, and Linux since last May, and then earlier this year the mobile versions of Waste of Space were updated last month. It now makes its way to PS4.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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