All Walls Must Fall Funded, Greenlit, and Diversity

All Walls Must Fall Kickstarter has been funded and has been doing well since our BOOT piece on the title.

The dark, tech noir title has been funded, and at the time of writing this, it has two hours left on the clock before funding closes today, but they originally sought out a, €15,000 goal and have nearly finished with €35,339 funded.

The title has also been successfully Greenlit over on Steam, and has hit the €35,000 stretch goal to bring diversity to the club scene by adding more clubbers, genders, body types, and bouncers. This will also bring a coat check scenario in which players can nab a coat check ticket from an unsuspecting NPC, and then claim their coat and gather the contents, and a feature to identify your target will be introduced. Discrimination will also be present, with some clubs turning you away if you don’t fit a specific sub-culture, etc.

Another stretch goal sitting at €40,000 will bring toilets, identity swap missions, and a new janitor NPC. There are also some new merchandise available and new music,

All Walls Must Fall will arrive on PC, Mac, and Linux. There will be a closed alpha taking place next month, and is due to launch in September of this year sometime.

Source: Kickstarter Updates

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