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What would happen if the Cold War never ended? All Walls Must Fall is a new title that arrived on Kickstarter on the 22nd March 2017.

All Walls Must Fall is being developed by inbetweengames and it’s set in Berlin during the year 2089 in an alternative universe where the Cold War never ended, and both sides used time travel technology to observe the opponents next moves. The player joins the war during the arrival of breaking point where a nuclear strike wipes out the world, but both sides are travelling back in time to find out who actually caused the attack.

The title, inspired by classics such as XCOM, and REZ, calls itself a tech-noir tactics game, with a black and white world with little colour sits amongst the horrors of war. Players will take control of time-travelling agents in an isometric style of gameplay based in one single night in Berlin that is procedurally rejiggled about giving the title a high replayable rate.

Musically the title uses a procedural music mixer that re-composes the music depending on the situations unfolding within the game. This gives the pauseable tactics title a level of uniqueness to it, especially when the actions and music become synced together to create a fancy rhythm effect. Combat isn’t the main focus though, and there are many ways that you can approach a mission, be that hacking, sneaking, or persuading.

inbetweengames are looking for a €15,000 sum to fully fund their game. There don’t appear to be any stretch goals set yet but that doesn’t stop them from perhaps adding some should they exceed their target. As it stands, they’re already at €11,404 with 26 days to go. On top of that they have already received previous funding of €70,000 by Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg, and they also got €16 000 from Epic Games as an Unreal Dev Grant.

The title appears to be being built for PC, Mac, and Linux with a closed alpha taking place in May, and there’s no indication that the title will be getting console development planned in the future. The title has begun its Steam Greenlight campaign. And by pledging, €13 players will gain a Steam key for the title when it becomes available sometime in September 2017. There are some more which are featured in the latest update post too.

Check out the Kickstarter page here

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  1. Rob Covell says

    XCOM with that art style works for me!

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