Accidental Queens Announce Release Date For A Normal Lost Phone

Accidental Queens have announced the release date for their game “A Normal Lost Phone”, which has you looking through a phone and its apps to uncover the mystery of where the owner is.

In a unique idea for a mystery game, A Normal Lost Phone brings a new-age feel of uncovering the whereabouts of the phones owner. The game will have you searching through applications, photo galleries, text messages, and other ways of finding out who used to hold this phone. The investigation you take upon yourself revolves around, “Sam”.

Accidental Queens have said that the game is meant to be touching on sensitive topics, such as depression, homophobia, coming of age, and peer pressure.

Accidental Queens Founder and writer, Elizabeth Maler said,

We wanted to create a narrative system that was non-linear but also immersive. To achieve this, we took our inspiration from an everyday object, the smartphone. Most people use a smartphone in their everyday life, and would instinctively know what to do with it and what to search for if they were to find one in the street. By using this medium, we are able to create a close bond between the player and the main character.

The game has been announced to be releasing on PC, iOS, and Android for about £2.40. It will be available on the 27th January 2017

Source: Press Release

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