Take A Trip Down Memory Lane With This Interactive Timeline On The History Of Games

Shortcut, a blog specialising in various topics ran an interactive timeline showing the history of games.

Now, when we started Big Boss Battle earlier this year, I pushed a post on the history of video game consoles, going all the way back to the, “Brown Box” years.

We recently got informed about Shortcut running their own timeline on the history of games, and it’s really fancy. The website starts you off on a graphical page inspired by those games of old, with animated static effects. You “control” a TRON like lightcycle and use the arrow keys to control it up or down.

Scrolling down will begin the journey from 1969’s persecute of the good old Internet, the ARPANET and takes you through most of the biggest points in gaming history, such as Runescape, Minecraft, and ending on this years biggest advancement…

You can check the website out by clicking here. It’s a good little trip down memory lane, unless you weren’t around for most of them, then it’s a good history lesson!

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