The Swords of Ditto Revealed in Latest Trailer

One Bit Beyond have put together a reveal trailer of their upcoming title and posted it onto publisher, Devolver Digital’s YouTube channel.

The Swords of Ditto is a top-down action RPG title with an incredibly cartoony, and cute art style. The reveal trailer shows us a bird in flight, quite a chunky bird, and once landed reveals who appears to be one of the characters, a young girl who finds herself surrounded by zombies. She whips out her sword and…is that a vinyl…She then enters a dungeon and cue the action.She gets taken down, and then another hero joins the cutscene and goes off on a quest as well

We get to see some in-game action teased showing off a free to move around combat title from a top down perspective, and dungeon puzzles that are to be solved in order to progressed. Each hero has their own adventure, and each one are in a fight against Mormo, an evil they wish to take down by gaining the Sword of Ditto. The title is local co-op or single player and allows characters to be improved at a village before heading off into the depths of a dungeon.

The Swords of Ditto is arriving in early 2018 on PC and PS4.

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