E3 2017 | Crazy Killing Floor 2 Summer Sideshow Event Announcement Trailer Revealed

Killing Floor 2 devs, Tripwire pushed a trailer that introduced the free-to-play for a week event, and new features.

Killing Floor 2 is a survival horror shooter in which players go against waves of enemies and shoot them to literal pieces as they earn money for hits and kills ready to spend on weapons and upgrades between waves. The trailer introduced the Summer Sideshow event.

Starting from the 13th of June the Summer Sideshow event will see Killing Floor 2 being free-to-play for a week. It’ll also introduce a load of content, so let’s have a look.

Going from the Steam Update page, player will see the following creatures (Zeds) being added to the game,

  • The Bearded Lady
  • The Strong Pound
  • The Monkey Man
  • Pukey The Clown
  • More.

These Zeds and players can be found wandering around the new The Tragic Kingdom map which is packed with interactive traps that are powered by electricity. Not only that but there will be mini-games to take part in, Pop The Clot, Dunk The Bloat, Feed The Pound. Players will be able to join the Tragic Kingdom Cleanup Crew after winning the uniform.

There are two new weapons, the SPX 464 Centerfire, and the HZ 12 Shotgun. In addition, the The Sideshow event will see eight weekly “Outbreaks” that come with prizes to win, these events will be,

  • Bobble Zed – That can’t be good for their necks
  • Beefcake – The bigger they are, the harder you fall
  • Boom – Under Pressure; may explode
  • Zed Time – All the Zed Time in the world
  • Up, Up, and Decay – Try to make 99 Death Balloons
  • Poundemonium – All Fleshpounds, all the time, even the boss….
  • Tiny Terror – A small threat is still a threat

Players can also expect to see new cosmetics, bringing Rising Storm 2: Vietnam crossover weapon skins to the game. Sideshow cosmetics are also going to be unlockable with a Hazmat Uniform bundle, and a Horzine Mark 7 Uniform Bundle. Those who like crates, three new crates will be landing, with a Junkyard weapon skin set crate, a Firefighter Cosmetic set, and a Vietname weapon skin set.

A new difficulty, “Hell on Earth” will see players taking 50% from self inflicted damage rather than the previous 100%. The M4 weapons damage has been increased by 20%, and the Winchester Level Action has has the rate of fire increased by 10% with a faster reload speed, and 12 extra rounds being added to…you know what, there’s a lot of updates, including a long bugs list. You can view the change log by going here.

The trailer for the Summer Sideshow event announcement is below, and it’s crazy. Kind of fitting really.

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