Captain Kaon Now Available on Steam

The twin-stick shooter set amongst levels affected by gravity is now available on Steam.

Engage Pixel’s twin-stick shooter became available on Steam last Friday, and launched with a 10% discount that ends on the 21st of April 2017, bringing the price down to £4.49 rather than its usual, £4.99.

The title see’s players grabbing hold of a spaceship in a retro themed, twin-stick gravity shooter that takes inspiration from 1980’s classics such as Thrust. The story see’s an overcrowded Earth sitting in a new home, but it soon turns manic with alien forces assaulting the colonies. Players take control of an a ship that has been sent to eliminate the alien threat, and you control Captain Talia ‘Kaon’.

The title brings twin-stick shooting and zero gravity controlled movements by having to propel your ship in the right direction for the right amount of time and propulsion. Complicated, fun stuff!

Captain Kaon is available on PC, and will be arriving on Xbox One in the near future

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