Battle Brothers: Full Release 24th of March, Launch Trailer Within

Overhype Studios confirmed, earlier this week, that Battle Brothers would be reaching full release build on the 24th of March.

Nearly two years after the game’s arrival in early access, and with nearly weekly updates every week since, Battle Brothers is finally approaching V1.0.

The complete version will feature the core game mechanics, as I discussed in my preview late last year; ie guiding a band of mercenaries through a dark, dangerous world, against the odds. But, also, now, include big campaign shifting events, as well as Steam achievements and revised factions.

When it comes to turn-based strategy games, Battle Brothers has -in my opinion- stood out from the crowd since the day it passed through Greenlight. Those not yet sold on the game might find something of interest in the launch trailer which was launched to celebrate the approaching release.

It’s certainly a hard game to make a trailer for, especially considering some of the game’s finer details; troop events, tough combat, and weapon-based skills, are nigh impossible to highlight in such a short trailer. It also never touches on the wonderful, procedural maps, or the noble-house faction system.

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