In Case You Missed It: Crusader Kings II: Monks and Mystics Launched This Week; Launch Trailer Within

Earlier this week Paradox Interactive released Monks and Mystics, the latest expansion for their -five years old- grand strategy classic, Crusader Kings II. 

The new expansion which revolves around secret societies, also adds in the ability to conceal your true religion, hold important and event items in a personal cache, as well as adding in new off-map councillor commands, all alongside core revision – the addition of cults, monastic orders & secret societies.

With the expansions obvious focus on behind-the-scenes actions, there’s been a mass of new events and, well, actions, that can take place in the game; sacrificing people, cursing people, assassinating people, and a bunch of other far-from-family-friendly activities.

The expansion is available now from both Steam & the Paradox store.

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  1. Steve R says

    I’ve just started playing CKII. It’s a bit daunting but I can really appreciate the deepness
    and medieval feel to the game. I guess my first game is really going to be about learning the game interface. But I’m already really enjoying the experience and how my character develops. I’m looking forward to getting to be an experienced player and getting to appreciate the full richness to this game

    1. Dann Sullivan says

      It’s certainly a tough one to get into; I always recommend a Dublin, 1066 start as it gives you a fair bit of room to breath due to the lack of unification. It’s a slow start, but teaches the importance of the marriage game & councilors effectively. To liven it up, Way of Life, Conclave, The Reaper’s Due & Monks and Mystics all massively fill out otherwise quiet-times however.

      Best of your luck in your quest to be an experienced player! I’ve played over 300hrs and am still finding new things each play.

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