Day of Infamy Launch Date Revealed, Arrives This Month

Day of Infamy has got a launch day reveal through the release of a video over on New World Interactive’s YouTube channel.

Day of Infamy was in open beta just after Christmas last year, and now the shooter brings a new trailer revealing the launch date along with it announcing it’s leave from Early Access.

“Upon launch ranks will be reset and units will be available to unlock by attaining rank milestones. Players will also be able to unlock the items by purchasing them. Collect digital militaria items in the form of new character art representing various regiments and divisions for each faction. Within a unit, new character artwork includes arm patches, hats, helmet stencils, uniforms, camouflages, and voice over.”

Players who purchased the title during Early Access will be able to receive three exclusive factions that will become retired once the title is launched meaning that Early Access players stand out amongst the post Early Access players.

There certainly seems to be some noticeable improvements graphically and with the gameplay. Day of Infamy is to leave Early Access on March the 23rd 2017 for PC.

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