Agony’s Onoskelis Figurine Revealed

Agony, an incredibly hellish, mature video game in development by Mad Mind Studio have released images of their Onoskelis figurine.

The Onoskelis is a creature within the demonic world of Agony that wanders around being all scary and such. The head splits open with the skull revealed beneath the muscles and blood, and the figurine shows the creature crouched atop a bunch of dirt surrounded with teeth and skulls.

On the 6th February, the Facebook page showed very similar images of the figurine without the base and with less details asking their fan base what they think.

It looks pretty demonic, and I’m fairly sure if you get this and display it, you’ll have visitors certainly gawking at it in awe. There appears to be no details anywhere regarding the size of the figurine, but upon speculation, I think it may end up being about 40″ tall…don’t quote me on that, but I think that’s roughly how bit it looks given my staring at the pictures.

Take a look for yourself.

We ran coverage on the demo that was released, you can check that out here.

Source: Agony Facebook

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  1. Frode says

    WOW, cool actionfigure.

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