15 cool games for Itch.io’s summer sale!

Itch.io is having a massive summer sale — with over 600 games available at super low prices. All of the games are well worth checking out, but if you are having trouble with where to begin in the huge, evergrowing list then look no further!

Over at Big Boss Battle, we have reviewed quite a few of the games listed in the sale — so we should be able to help you with a few recommendations.

Burly Men at Sea – 60% off at $3.99

Burly Men at Sea is a beautiful point and click adventure meets visual novel game that was inspired by adventures had by the developers themselves. With that said, the game does follow a branching narrative, one featuring lots of wild adventures.

Previously, we reviewed Burly Men at Sea:

This is the main highlight and absolute joy of Burly Men At Sea, this game wants you to experience it over and over but see different things each time. It accomplishes this to a degree, the first four or five play-throughs of the game are spectacular, with the game’s simple aesthetic, scenes such as the one below were simply adorable. One minute you are facing a mighty Kraken and the next racing against Death himself.

Read the full review.

Sure Footing – 40% off at $4.20

Sure Footing is a procedurally generated infinite runner that takes place inside a computer. You have four characters you can choose from — each with different stats and abilities. Throughout the game, you are able to spend points to run faster, jump higher, and (generally) keep yourself ahead of the evil villians chasing you.

After seeing the game at Insomnia earlier this year, we previewed the regularly updated game:

What makes Sure Footing different is the fact that the level formation is done on a much smaller, tighter scale, that the game also has a lot of verticality — sometimes three layers of platforms at different heights to pass between — and also in how the game allows you to assign your own abilities before you set out on your attempts to best your previous high score.

Read the full hands-on.

Loot Rascals – 50% off at $7.50

Loot Rascals is a wonderful game that sees you exploring procedurally generated, colorful alien planets, beating various enemies, and collecting Loot Cards to gain new abilities. There is a lot of strategy required when it comes to picking the right equipment for the job at hand, and your power-up cards also need to be sacrificed for various other tasks.

We were able to take on Loot Rascals before its release:

Let’s get things straight, Loot Rascals revolves around two things, stats and kiting. The world is beautiful, the other mechanics are clever, and the titular rascals are devious and so unique they really look like they were ripped from some 90s collectable card game. But, strip that away and it’s an exceedingly well made game about stats, and kiting.

Read the full review.

Fugl – 40% off at $5.99

Fugl is another colorful game — this time a relaxing one where you explore around as a bird,  moving swiftly through procedurally generated lands. If you get close to another bird, you are able to take on their look and behaviors — becoming what they were before fading back to yourself.

We flew around with Fugl at Game Anglia:

The control system is easy to use and master, which relies on you choosing how hard you wish to push yourself. General flying is slow, stunning and calm. However, should you wish, you can flap your wings faster to ramp up the speed and try to fly through the tight caverns, which produces a heart-pumping and tension-filled game. Fugl also has an extensive level creator and allows you to customize your bird in the avatar editor. Currently the game is in early access on Steam; we heartily recommend you give this a look if you want something truly unique, whilst at the same time letting you relax.

Read the full review.

Figment – 50% off at $9.99

Figment is a magical, musical, point and click adventure game where you are exploring the inside of somebody’s mind. All of the environments have to do with actual dreams, and with the state of mind of your character. You play a slightly grumpy individual just wanting his book back.

We reviewed Figment at its launch, earlier this year:

The gameplay actually focuses on puzzles in the vivid landscape of an increasingly fragmented mind. Whilst solving puzzles to reach the next level can become a little repetitive, there is plenty to keep the player engaged. Knocking on doors which never open generates unique reactions from unseen inhabitants. Each realm of the mind has its own design quirks. Collecting softly glowing orbs unlocks memories. Fun little things to do are scattered across the levels, such as hitting guitar plants that twang, and germinating seeds to create leafy bridges.

Read the full review.

Necrosphere – 50% off at $2.49

Necrosphere is a ultra-challenging, two-button platformer done in a lovely pixel-art style. I, personally, got the chance to take on Necrosphere at Gamescom — and it is an addictive game which challenges you to keep trying until you beat the challenge, it is well worth a look.

We reviewed the game late last year:

That’s not to say that the game is simple, although most would need to be forgiven for assuming so what with the stylised pixel art style and simple inputs, it’s very much a platformer which requires delicate timing, however that platforming (until you get the jetpack later on) is a case of using environmental objects like moving platforms and bubble jumps to dodge obstacles and pass through objectives.

Read the full review.

NEON STRUCT – 90% off at $1.79

Minor Key Games’ fourth published title, Neon Struct is a ‘political thriller stealth game’ which sees players navigating through the shadows and attempting to evade enemy patrols. At its best the game channels the feeling of Liberty Island from the first Deus Ex title; tense stealth as a reaction to being massively outnumbered and guns.

We made a video review on NEON STRUCT last month where were dissected the story around the main character.

Switch ‘N’ Shoot – 33% off at $2.00

Switch ‘N’ Shoot is a lovely one-button action game that will both challenge you and get you hooked on playing just one more time. With such simple graphics, a seemingly easy goal, and only a few actions to do, it is a game which is very clever in its design. You play as a pilot, looking to get as far as you can through various sectors, while enemies fall down from the top of the screen.

We saw this game at a few events before tackling it in article form:

Switch ‘N’ Shoot is super-addictive game — each time you play, you want to give it one more go. The developer’s high score is automatically on the scoreboard, challenging you and taunting you as you play. See if you can last for more than one sector in this well polished game.

Read the full review.

Old Man’s Journey – 50% off at $3.74

Old Man’s Journey is a puzzle adventure game that tells a touching story of one man’s life. The lighthearted tale will take you on a soul-searching adventure where you can address puzzles at your own pace. All brought together with some beautiful graphics, it is not a game to be missed.

We had a lovely time following this game’s journey:

I had an amazing time with Old Man’s Journey. It was fun, unique, sad, and wonderful all at the same time. For that alone it deserves your attention, as its hard to capture all that in one experience. It may not be reinventing the wheel as far as the game industry goes, but its perfect for what it is. I personally want more titles like Old Man’s Journey. These experiences are akin to books, in that they let you escape the ordinary world, giving you access to explore art, music, and emotions.

Read the full review.

Eldritch – 90% off at $1.49

Eldritch is a first person action game that sees you battling through dark, randomly generated dungeons — challenged to take on mysterious and peculiar creatures. This creepy, sometimes horrifying game was inspired by H. P. Lovecraft — and it shows.

We reviewed Eldritch a few years back:

The atmosphere of Eldritch is truly sublime as the game sucks you in with its dark and mysterious “voxel” style (yup like minecraft) but don’t let that put you off, as it did with me, as the graphics really do soak up the atmosphere. The sound effects also play a huge part in the atmosphere, you can hear the distant sounds of the monsters, and even your own footsteps as you walk. The monsters can hear you if you walk around casually like a trip to the mall, but if you crouch, then you transition into stealth mode, allowing you to either sneak past the monsters in these dark dungeons, or if you like, you can TRY to survive by shooting, or hitting all the monsters you encounter.

Read the full review.

A Mortician’s Tale – 35% off at $9.74

A Mortician’s Tale is a narrative-based game that talks about death in a positive light — allowing you to play as a mortician in a funeral home. You are learning the many tasks that come along with becoming a good mortician — preparing bodies, attending funerals, and comforting the people who once knew who you worked on…

We took on A Mortician’s Tale from start to finish:

No one can say that this concept and way of dealing with death isn’t innovative. That is the beauty of video games. It makes bridges for sensitive topics. I am happy that A Mortician’s Tale got the recognition it did, as it can open the door to many future possibilities. Mortality is a scary subject, and it’s one that at some point we are all going to have to think about. Wouldn’t it be beautiful to explore in a fun, safe way? I think so.

Read the full review.

The Signal From Tölva – 50% off at $9.99

The Signal from Tölva is an open-world, first-person shooter where you are looking to investigate a signal which attract the attention of loads of roaming, wandering robots. The world contains loads of story; factions between robot groups, history for the world around you, and lots to still be discovered.

We reviewed the game a few years back:

The Signal From Tölva is a game you play at your own pace. You are always going to be making progress as you dominate more and more of the map but how fast is up to you. This gives it a fun and addictive quality as the action is pretty riveting.(Get it? Machines/Rivets? Nevermind) Then you hit the five hour mark and have done the same thing a hundred times over. Scan enemies from afar, make sure you have a robot posse, attack, claim, scan if you can and move along.

Read the full review.

Midboss – 55% off at $6.74

Midboss is a wonderful dungeon-crawler where you may possess the enemies you defeat in order to grow stronger and last longer. You start off as a very weak monster — but one able to take on the body and powers of defeated foes. Soon, you can start unlocking your own abilities to help yourself.

We took the time to challenge loads of Midboss and reviewed it:

Depending on what you choose the game can take a while to beat and some of the dungeons can be quite extensive and full of loot. Maybe you are looking for a shorter version than even quickplay has to offer. Midboss puts all the decisions in your hands as far as time investment goes. As someone with a full schedule I appreciated this very much.

Read the full review.

Cosmic Express – 50% off at $4.99

Cosmic Express is an adorable puzzle game brimming with levels — enough to challenge even the best at puzzles! You take on the duty of laying routes for intergalactic trains, looking to get aliens back to each of their homes.

We took on the PC version of this game in a review:

I played this using a mouse and found it controlled very well, but it can see it working equally as well with touch controls due to the simple nature of the game’s mechanics. You could play either quite happily, and I recommend you do! Cosmic Express is good fun and quite the brain teaser at times. Some stages are simple but they quickly give way to more challenging ones that will seriously tax the grey matter. It’ll give you some serious brain training. See what I did there? No? I’ll see myself out…

Read the full review.

Speed Dating for Ghosts – 40% off at $5.99


Speed Dating for Ghosts is a quirky speed dating game where you try to find the loves of various ghosts! You are just a spectre, hoping for your own shot at live. So, you have gone to a speed dating event in hopes of finding the right ghouls to end up with forever! You can learn a lot about how they were when they were alive, as well as what they are up to now…

We dated tons of ghosts and then wrote about it for you:

Stories are actually where this game excels. I have dated all manner of characters in my time with dating sims and the stories in this game are some the best I have come across. There is so much to discover as the bell rings and you meet ghost after ghost. You can help them, too! Every character has something different they care about or need. I especially loved Hattie’s date. I won’t spoil it, but I will warn you to be prepared for some feelings.

Read the full review.

With all of those games mentioned, Itch.io has many, many more games in their Summer Sale — and more are being added each day. Take some time to look through them and let us know if you find any gems we missed in the comments.

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