Get Wavey – Funny Words and Phrases

As you might have noticed over the years, we go through a lot of quick board games intended for groups or parties  that would work well on holidays or before a meal. Get Wavey is another card game that fits perfectly in this category. It’s a game that you can easily place into your bag and take with you on adventures, play at your favorite bar, or play with your family in the evening.

Unlike other card games, Get Wavey is more focused on teens and older, as each card is, basically, asking some sort of trivia question in a funny voice. Instead of just knowing the question you’re reading, however, you will be reading a series of long, drawn out noises. When these noises are read quickly, they sound a bit like the question, and then the first person to answer the question gets the card as a point.

Get Wavey

At first, everyone in our group was reading these slowly, and as soon as we sped up it became more fun to play. A lot of the time, it’s worth not reading the card before you read it out loud — if that makes sense. Everyone together, including the reader, can try to figure out what is being asked. Each card does have the question written upside down, along with the answer that someone is meant to guess, if you do find a particularly tough one.

Get Wavey is a fun party game, especially if you have a group of friends with different accents to begin with. The phrases themselves are surprisingly easy once you start to play the game! I also liked the detail of the cards being physically wavy and the text being in a wave too, which really adds some polish to this simple little game.

Get Wavey

Get Wavey is a great addition to your collection if you often have a lot of friends around, especially as this game is so easy to learn and play and has zero set up time!

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