Neon Struct Video Review — Sleuthing in a Cyberpunk Cityscape

Neon Struct follows Jillian Cleary, an ex-spy who has been framed for a crime they didn’t commit. Players take control of Jillian as she attempts to prove her innocence, all while unravelling an massive, interconnecting conspiracy which runs to the very core of the city.

Minor Key Games’ fourth published title, Neon Struct is a ‘political thriller stealth game’ which sees players navigating through the shadows and attempting to evade enemy patrols. At its best the game channels the feeling of Liberty Island from the first Deus Ex title; tense stealth as a reaction to being massively outnumbered and guns.

Above you can find the video review of our reviewer, Jules, as he discusses his time trying to shed light on the puppet masters behind Jillian’s situation.

Neon Struct, which originally launched back in 2015, is available for Windows PC, Mac, and Linux, via both Steam, and via

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