Picoban by Carlos Pedroso

Pico-8 Picoban
Picoban Gameplay

Picoban is a sokoban-style puzzle game that will really challenge you.

With only 15 levels, you may think this game isn’t hard — it is (at least for me) though. You need to push small, red blocks around to clear a path for you to reach a green orb. This green orb will then transport you to the next level. This seems extremely simple, but red blocks will not be moved if there isn’t an empty space on the other side. There is no way to roll back one move, so if you make any mistakes, you have to restart the whole puzzle.

As you get deeper into the game, you will find that the red orbs need to be moved onto buttons and that keys need to be collected before you can make it to the green teleport stone. These new mechanics are introduced at a steady pace, and the game feels a lot longer than 15 levels as a result.

Picoban is a really nice, accessible little puzzle game for those who like a challenge!

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