Tiny Parkour by Arnodick

Pico-8 Tiny Parkour
Tiny Parkour Gameplay

Tiny Parkour is the best micro-parkour you will ever find.

Each of these long levels are filled with tiny platforms, stairways, and different routes to get to the end. The title screen is even a parkour course to get you used to playing the game, although it is not as long as the normal courses. To keep you going the right way, there are animated markers which you can follow as well as collect. Sometimes these serve as checkpoints for very challenging points in the game, while often the are just there to give you some direction.

You can play Tiny Parkour zoomed out, seeing the entirety of the level, or zoomed in on your character and the direct areas around you; This will help for more precision jumping. Although these levels may seem overwhelming at first, following the markers and taking your time to plot out where you are going really helps. This tiny parkour course is no joke.

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