Marballs 2 by Lucatron

Pico-8 Marballs 2
Marballs 2 Gameplay

Marballs 2 is a marble rolling game where you must get your ball to the white area of the level. You control the movement and momentum of the ball, but also its ability to jump. You need to scale platforms which are at increasing altitudes as to reach the end of the game.

Sometimes platforms which are lit up will help you jump higher by way of increasing your jump height. In many levels there are other floating white balls around which will need to be collected before the exit will animate.

The game’s levels do get challenging quickly as there are increasing amounts of things which attempt to ruin your escalation, like towers which block off your vision, and strange angled jumps of increasing distance You may well need to retry some levels before you can properly complete it.

Marballs 2 also features a level editor so you can create your own levels in the game and share them with your friends.

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