Lil King by Tom Brinton

Pico-8 Lil King Gameplay
Lil King Gameplay

You are a king, who has been picked on by his entire kingdom. In order to fix this little issue, you have banished your entire kingdom. Some of your enemies have found out that you are now alone in your castle, and so have decided that it’s the perfect time for attack.

Now, on your own, you must stomp on the ladders of enemies who are trying to scale your castle’s walls. Enemies will set up ladders and then start to climb them, moving towards the top where you are. You can jump into the tops of the ladders to break them down or onto the knight’s heads so that they fall off. As the ladder is being put up, there are spikes towards the top which can hurt you if you are just standing on the wall. You can gain more lives, however, by letting knights carrying hearts make it to the top and collect their dropped heart.

Lil’ King is a simple, yet addictive, game where you strive to survive for as long as possible.

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