Dusk Child by Sophie Houlden

Pico-8 Dusk Child
Dusk Child Gameplay

DuskChild is a mysterious platformer that challenges you to explore a strange, enigmatic world.

You are in a world full of secrets, filled with places for you to explore. You play by exploring around the level, reading signs and solving puzzles. The world is filled with several areas, some initially blocked off while others start already available to explore. The world is littered with large, looming statues  these appear to have something to do with your goal.

You will need to gather up strange objects like orbs and gems, as well as more mundane items like a broken bucket. The bucket is quite interesting it can be filled by waterfalls, but it leaks slowly as you walk around. Puzzles revolve around the use of these objects as to weigh down levers, with most of these unlocking further areas to explore. I do not want to spoil this beautiful game for you, so will simply say that it’s very important to  pay attention to the signs and environment around you!

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