The Ballz are Lava! By Liquidream UK

Pico-8 The Ballz are Lava
The Ballz are Lava! Gameplay

The Ballz are Lava! Is a simple, yet wildly addictive, little arcade game where you must avoid lava and collect green dots, all while avoiding red dots.

This sounds simple enough, however both types of dots are moving quickly around the screen, and everything is set against a timer. As the timer ticks down, you must quickly collect all of the green dots as to keep moving forward through the levels. As you pick up green dots you will grow in size, making it more challenging to avoid the lava.

You can, once per level, click the screen which will make you shrink down in size, but this can only be done once in th level, meaning you should only use it when necessary. Sometimes though, you even grow in size after using this — especially if you take too long to collect the green orbs.

The longer you take to finish the level, the more small power-ups will appear to help you along. These can be bombs which remove some of the lava, a shield which helps you if you get hit, and a time freeze. The Ballz are Lava! has a potentially unlimited amount of levels — each one with more lava and faster moving orbs than the last. Your goal is to get the highest score possible, trying to keep yourself alive for as long as you can.

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