Spaceman 8 by Kometbomb

Pico-8 Spaceman 8
Spaceman 8 Gameplay

Spaceman8 is a really fun space game which has you working at a mining colony in space for a week.

It is your job to search through the caves of asteroids for gems and bring them back to company collection areas. There are several types of machines that float around the cave collecting the resources. Each one has a number on it, 1 through 3, which works as a multiplier for the amount of money you will receive for collecting the gems. There are also 4 types of gems which can be collected; small blue ones that instantly give you cash, a small green gem, a medium red gem, and a large yellow gem each of those need to be brought to a collector.

Bringing these gems back to the collector is tough though, as once you pick up a gem it will hang by a rope from your character, you will be weighed down by the gem, and it can even get caught on the walls.

At the end of the day you will run out of oxygen, so you must make it to the red collector to either go back to your home, or, to take your lunch break. You can then use the money you earn to buy upgrades to make your job easier as you proceed through the week.

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