Combo Pool by NuSan

Pico-8 Combo Pool
Combo Pool Gameplay

Combo Pool  was originally a game jam game, one which has since been updated. The game is super fun but does take a while to master. To win the game you need to collide two flashing pink balls, but you can only fire black balls! You must aim your launcher and fire the darkest colored balls from the bottom of the screen out onto the playing board. Balls of the same color can collide to create a new, brighter colored ball — if you create multiples of the new colors on the board you can then bounce those balls into each other by hitting them with more of the balls from the cannon as to continue to make more colors!

Your goal is to get as high a score as possible by shooting out as many balls as you can, while triggering as many combos as you can before detonating the final form. There is a bar at the top of the screen which will warn you when the board is getting overloaded, if there are too many balls (or if you don’t make enough combos) you will lose!

Trying to get the highscore in this fun, color-colliding game is a great way to spent a few minutes.

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