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From developer Honor Code comes a story of a lone survivor’s journey to make it home after a catastrophic accident. The catch? It’s all underwater.

With first person horror games like Outlast, Alien: Isolation and Resident Evil 7 Biohazard doing so well, it takes a special developer, to try and hit big into a well defined genre. With Narcosis, the developers have done a fantastic job of instilling the required atmosphere into the game, and create a real contender.

Balancing your air levels, fighting past hallucinations, and trying to fight on through the depths despite the odds being stacked massively against you – that’s the journey Narcosis sends you on.

B3’s own Jorge reviewed the game on PC earlier in the year. Regarding the game’s fear factor, when asked if it is scary, he replied,

“Hell yes it is. The developer crafted this terrifying underwater environment and added a whole other layer I didn’t see coming. Your mind itself begins to turn on you as you begin to hallucinate. Now maybe this is due to a concussion or perhaps, as the games name would imply, drug based.”

Narcosis launched on PC in March, and launched on Xbox One earlier this month; the developer have plans to bring the game to further consoles as well.

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