Entropy’s Fall To Begin Crowdfunding This Month, Details Within

Entropy’s Fall, a 2D Action/Adventure title developed by Poor Small Studios is arriving onto IndieGoGo this month to seek funding from interested gamers.

Entropy’s Fall is a game that doesn’t bring small fights, nor does it bring grinding to level up. It focuses on…and I’ve been waiting to say something like this in a news piece for a long time…BIG BOSS BATTLES! Players control Kayos, an entity seeking vengeance against a God in the world of, “Entropy”, but to get to this GodEntropy’s Fall To Begin Crowdfunding This Month, Details Within, players must battle Arafa, warriors of the huge, colossal kind.

The story is a main focus for the game, and each level features the boss at the end of each level, called the Arafa, a huge warrior that is a fusion combo of ancient warriors, and mythical creatures, allowing the developers freedom to create unique bosses that also combine an AI system that will make defeating them a puzzling challenge.

The comic themed characters amongst the digitally painted environments makes a nice combo, and the 2D platforming is smooth and fluid, however physics affect the players.

More details on the game will be announced through the crowdfunding platform, which will be Indiegogo, I will run a BOOT piece on the project when the crowdfunding begins. It’s due to be arriving for PC, Mac, and Linux and will begin crowdfunding on the 20th of May 2017.

The below trailer shows what the game is like in really early stages.

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