51st State: Master Set Getting Its First Expansion, “Scavengers” This June

51st State: Master Set arrived last year in 2016, and is the completely revamped version of the 2010 original. It’s now getting its first expansion, “Scavengers”.

The original, designed by Ignacy Trzewiczek and publisher, Portal Games saw, “Winter”, “Ruins”, and “New Era” expansions. The 2016’s, 51st State: Master Set will be getting “Scavengers” and will be based on the 2015 expansion, “Ruins”, bringing fifty cards with new locations and mechanics.

Originally, the story sees a fallen United States. No armies, no civilisation, nothing. Thirty years after the war and players are trying to build a new order, seeing them trying to create a new country, adding another state to the map. The game allows up to four players, with each of them being able to hire leaders, send workers to gather resources, and more.

51st State: Master Set comes with 88 cards from the 2010 base game, and 50 cards each from the New Era, and Winter expansions for the classic game. One of these two expansions can be mixed with the base game, but not both at the same time.

The Scavengers cards expand the original, 51st State: Master Set base game, and sees players being able to draw upper cards from the discard pile, or building ruins, allowing them to recover locations and build their state on top of them.

Players are able to pre-order the expansion but it won’t be available until the 7th of June in Europe, although a pre-launch will be taking place in the UK at the UK Games Expo on the 2nd to the 4th of June.

Souce: Portal Games

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